Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson hosts Apprenticeship Real Deal Real Estate Tour

Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson hosts Apprenticeship Real Deal Real Estate Tour


North Dallas Texas Real Estate Investor, John Albert Ferguson is scheduled to speak & teach on July 10, 2014 at one of his apprenticing students fix and flip properties conducting a Real Deal Real Estate Tour for new investors. This is free and open

Jul. 8, 2014 – DALLAS — Real Estate Investing is HOT! Mutilpe times a week we are hearing of the great Dallas Fort Worth real estate market. The time is now for Texas.

“Our nationally known Apprenticeship program has been creating successful investors for the last 15 years.  We are all FULL TIME INVESTORS ourselves and that makes the difference when it comes to results. We do what the GURU only talks about!” says John Ferguson

As Real Estate Investing Mentor, the opportunity to showcase the ability and possibility one has at success. The Dallas Fort Worth real estate markets and surrounding areas are full of prime real estate. With news from CNN, Fox News, Forbes and MSNBC of the Hot market upswing, it is no wonder one would want to invest here.

Real Estate Deal tours are no new concept. People have been loading into caravans for years to get a chance at looking at properties to buy at the chance of making a big return on the sale. What makes these events stand out is the actual training and long term support provided.

Anyone looking to become a successful real estate investor in the Dallas, TX area, apprenticing with a master is the only way to go. One Real Deal Real Estate Investor has created a way to deliver above and beyond the expected. With the introduction of Mentoring someone live and hands on active projects, has been the turning point new investors have been waiting for.

Learn more here: http://realdealrealestateinvestors.com/

John Albert Ferguson of Real Deal Real Estate Investors, expands his apprenticeship to those with a real desire for success once and for all. With over 15 years experience, an opportunity like this has come to Dallas, TX in real estate investment education like no other before it!

The Dallas Real Estate Investing Event will be a full 4 hours of training and a Real Deal Real Estate Tour of a TEXAS home! Learn how we Find, Fund, Fix, and Flip in any market with the right knowledge and mentorship.

John Albert Ferguson, 37, married with 4 children was raised in very humble and obscure beginnings. With a Father that changed jobs every couple of years, John learned early on that the corporate ladder was not for him. That Business Ownership and becoming an Entrepreneur was a must for securing a wealthy future. John has been a full time real estate investor and sales authority for 15 years. John is the founder recently of Wealth Safari, Inc.,Real Deal Real Estate Tour and Real Deal Real Estate Investors. John has developed high end real estate enrollment systems for Rich Dad Edu, Russ Whitney, Brian L. Sump, John Dessauer, Jerry Norton, Peter Conti and most recently Jim Toner. John is a sought after Speaker and Author on the subjects of Real Estate Investing and Sale Systems Design for High end Mentoring and Coaching. John has created campaigns for the Star Light foundation, working with improving the lives of children in his community. His expertise and dedication to ethical real estate investing has placed him in high demand as a personal mentor and coach.

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Sharing their success through learning the ins and outs of real estate investing. Gary speaks openly about the results provide the right education.

Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson appointment to the Founders Advisory Board

Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson appointment to the Founders Advisory Board

North Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investor, John Ferguson is scheduled to be appointed to the Founder Board on May 15, 2014 for exceptional top level newbie real estate investor development nation wide. This is a free and open to the public event.
John Ferguson
John Ferguson

PRLog (Press Release) – May 13, 2014 – DALLAS — According to Forbes Dallas Fort Worth real estate is in the top 15 markets investors should place their money. “Real Estate Growth” is on a rise, and so is the opportunity for Newbie Real Estate investors. Through the years there have been educational firms touting the opportunity to become wealthy in the land of real estate. The Real Estate Moguls have already taking action and according to the article note above we should!

Anyone looking for a real estate mentor in the Dallas Fort Worth area, would be well served in working with Real Deal Real Estate Investors founder John Ferguson. by expanding apprenticeships in multiple cities to those with a commitment in achieving success, the honor and appointment to the Founders Advisory Board of the Nations Top Entrepreneurial school MyRenatus.com will be bestowed in May.

To learn more click here:http://realdealrealestateinvestors.com/

The opportunity in serving with the board will allow for a direct influence on the core education and direction of this trusted college style learning resource. Priding themselves on only allowing practicing experts with years of track record behind them in their given vocation, Renatus creates a full and complete training for the nations elite.

Real estate investment is not just about “flippin that house”, rather it should be looked at as a full and complete career, without the long hours and with great results. What most Guru’s wont tell you is that the business side to investing, the tax strategies, private funding solutions and legal structure are a staple no one should miss if they want to succeed long term as an investor.

By joining forces with such a prestigious school, North Dallas Real Estate Investors have a full solution in the fundamentals and advanced training coupled with Real Mentors right in their own backyard.

Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson has taken his experience and systems and created a results based opportunity that flat out works.