Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson appointment to the Founders Advisory Board

Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson appointment to the Founders Advisory Board

North Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investor, John Ferguson is scheduled to be appointed to the Founder Board on May 15, 2014 for exceptional top level newbie real estate investor development nation wide. This is a free and open to the public event.
John Ferguson
John Ferguson

PRLog (Press Release) – May 13, 2014 – DALLAS — According to Forbes Dallas Fort Worth real estate is in the top 15 markets investors should place their money. “Real Estate Growth” is on a rise, and so is the opportunity for Newbie Real Estate investors. Through the years there have been educational firms touting the opportunity to become wealthy in the land of real estate. The Real Estate Moguls have already taking action and according to the article note above we should!

Anyone looking for a real estate mentor in the Dallas Fort Worth area, would be well served in working with Real Deal Real Estate Investors founder John Ferguson. by expanding apprenticeships in multiple cities to those with a commitment in achieving success, the honor and appointment to the Founders Advisory Board of the Nations Top Entrepreneurial school MyRenatus.com will be bestowed in May.

To learn more click here:http://realdealrealestateinvestors.com/

The opportunity in serving with the board will allow for a direct influence on the core education and direction of this trusted college style learning resource. Priding themselves on only allowing practicing experts with years of track record behind them in their given vocation, Renatus creates a full and complete training for the nations elite.

Real estate investment is not just about “flippin that house”, rather it should be looked at as a full and complete career, without the long hours and with great results. What most Guru’s wont tell you is that the business side to investing, the tax strategies, private funding solutions and legal structure are a staple no one should miss if they want to succeed long term as an investor.

By joining forces with such a prestigious school, North Dallas Real Estate Investors have a full solution in the fundamentals and advanced training coupled with Real Mentors right in their own backyard.

Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson has taken his experience and systems and created a results based opportunity that flat out works.


Homes for Rent are Scarce, Demand Rising

Demand for rental housing continues to climb more than four years after the recession, pushing up rents and cutting into Americans’ disposable income.

The rental vacancy rate, or the share of units that are empty and available for rent, fell 0.5 percentage point in 2013 to 8.2% in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, the Commerce Department said Friday.

After peaking at just above 11% in 2009, rental vacancy has fallen sharply in the wake of the housing collapse and recession. That reflects families flocking to rentals after losing their homes to foreclosure, being blocked from obtaining a mortgage due to tighter lending standards or simply concluding that buying is too risky.

The higher demand and tighter supply of units are enabling landlords to raise prices. The median asking rent for vacant units in October through December was $746, up 3% from $724 a year earlier. (The figures aren’t adjusted for inflation.)

That shows rents rose at double the rate of overall inflation last year as measured by the Labor Department’s consumer-price index. Overall consumer prices rose 1.5% in 2013.

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Real Deal Real Estate Investors | Students Speak Out

While searching for the right Real Estate Investing Mentor, Ryan and Emily stumbled upon John Ferguson and Bill Zufelt.

Founder of Real Deal Real Estate Tour, John Ferguson was excited to see these to new students take on their life and have a whole new world of real estate success open to them.

Wether you invest in Dallas tx real estate or Salt Lake City real estate, fix and flip or buy and hold. It takes a great team to develop as an investor.

Ryan and Emily are excited and well on their way to real deal real estate investor results.