Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson appointment to the Founders Advisory Board

Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson appointment to the Founders Advisory Board

North Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Investor, John Ferguson is scheduled to be appointed to the Founder Board on May 15, 2014 for exceptional top level newbie real estate investor development nation wide. This is a free and open to the public event.
John Ferguson
John Ferguson

PRLog (Press Release) – May 13, 2014 – DALLAS — According to Forbes Dallas Fort Worth real estate is in the top 15 markets investors should place their money. “Real Estate Growth” is on a rise, and so is the opportunity for Newbie Real Estate investors. Through the years there have been educational firms touting the opportunity to become wealthy in the land of real estate. The Real Estate Moguls have already taking action and according to the article note above we should!

Anyone looking for a real estate mentor in the Dallas Fort Worth area, would be well served in working with Real Deal Real Estate Investors founder John Ferguson. by expanding apprenticeships in multiple cities to those with a commitment in achieving success, the honor and appointment to the Founders Advisory Board of the Nations Top Entrepreneurial school MyRenatus.com will be bestowed in May.

To learn more click here:http://realdealrealestateinvestors.com/

The opportunity in serving with the board will allow for a direct influence on the core education and direction of this trusted college style learning resource. Priding themselves on only allowing practicing experts with years of track record behind them in their given vocation, Renatus creates a full and complete training for the nations elite.

Real estate investment is not just about “flippin that house”, rather it should be looked at as a full and complete career, without the long hours and with great results. What most Guru’s wont tell you is that the business side to investing, the tax strategies, private funding solutions and legal structure are a staple no one should miss if they want to succeed long term as an investor.

By joining forces with such a prestigious school, North Dallas Real Estate Investors have a full solution in the fundamentals and advanced training coupled with Real Mentors right in their own backyard.

Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson has taken his experience and systems and created a results based opportunity that flat out works.


Dallas Texas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson, Awarded Grand Champion For Mentoring Local Newbie Investors

Dallas Texas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson, Awarded Grand Champion For Mentoring Local Newbie Investors.

North Dallas Area Real Estate Investor, John Ferguson receives on March 26, 2014 the Grand Champion Mentor Five Star Winner Circle award for Newbie Apprenticeships and Mentoring growth with greatest overall expansion by local Real Estate Community. This is open and free to the Public.

Dallas Real Estate, along with Denver, is less than 1 percent away from reaching its recent all-time index highs for value growth, according to the latest S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices report released. With this massive growth, opportunity grows with it.

John Albert Ferguson of Wealth Safari Inc. and Real Deal Real Estate Investors, with his extensive knowledge or team building and personal development of Investors and Investment systems around the United States, has brought real deals and real opportunity for development to the North Texas Area.

The Growth of the Real Estate Investing community, John has built lasting wealth solutions for those with 40ik and IRA plans that may have been under preforming. He has opened the door to specialized knowledge for those looking to break into the millionaire lifestyle through business ownership and real estate in his apprenticeships.

“Too long has the DFW area and the nation for that matter, been without real communities of successful real estate investors lending a hand to the next generation of those seeking true freedom.” says John “We have the systems, we have the support, we have the resources and most of all We have the real deals…”

The Real Estate Community awarded John with the Grand Champion position in the 5 Star Winner Circle due to his outspoke service and leadership with Newbie Investor Successes and the growth of real estate investors of all expertise levels.

“You can either play life NOT OT LOOSE and focus on all the stuff you should’t do OR You can PLAY LIFE TO WIN while helping other to do the same” John explained. Building teams, working together and achieving huge success seems to be the motto for this Dallas Texas Real Estate Mogul. And the key to his success is truly playing to win with others.

See more of John here: RealDealRealEstateInvestors.com

John Albert Ferguson is a Real estate investment authority specializing in pre foreclosure real estate, note buying and short sale acquisitions. John has created 100’s of successful real estate investors throughout his mentoring and coaching. John has been asked to speak with Rentaus and is the principle founder of www.realdealrealestatetour.com. Also please visit our site at johnalbertferguson.com for more information and a free real estate training.