$25,000 For A Few Hours Part Time – Dosen’t Seem Fair

When one of us makes $25,000 For A Few Hours Part Time, it dose not Seem Fair to the person working full time for the same amount. Or is it?

Before I set out to become a full time real estate investor, I worked my way up through different entry level jobs to climb the latter of success. I quickly found that as you got higher the more time you put into making someone else’s business and dream come true, not mine. Don’t get me wrong, I was willing to work those 60 hr weeks, just not for someone else any longer.

[blockquote align=”left”]When my knees gave out from working hard for others people, Real Estate Saved our Future[/blockquote]
When you are an instrament in serving the needs of others, the univers moves out of the way to return you what your needs are. “Play Life To Win, While Helping Others To Do The Same”! Dallas Texas Real Estate Investing will be better for ever, when we all work as a team.

about the author and founder.
John Ferguson is a Real Estate investment authority specializing in Investment Real Estate. John has assisted in the creation of 1000’s of successful real estate investors through his apprenticeships, coaching and mentoring. John has been asked to speak nationally on Real Estate Investing, Sales Systems Design, High End Personal Development and Playing Life To Win.