John Albert Ferguson to Speak at a Dallas Texas Real Deal Real Estate Tour to newbie Investors

John Albert Ferguson to Speak at a Dallas Texas Real Deal Real Estate Tour to newbie Investors

North Dallas Area Real Estate Investor, John Ferguson is scheduled to speak on May 24, 2014. the investing success of a Real Deal Real Estate Tours and the Apprenticing student team and is free open to public.


PRLog (Press Release) – Apr. 30, 2014 – DALLAS — Dallas Fort Worth real estate has been in marked by Forbes magazine as the Top 2 markets in the nation to invest in. With value increases prediction of more than 29% over the next 3 years, the metroplex has drawn the eyes of mogul real estate investors.

Dallas Real Estate Investor John Albert Ferguson, is one such mogul with a head start and feet on the gound taking action before the next real estate boom. Believing in the abundance of opportunity that is the Texas market, John has developed a system to develop and build teams of investors locally.

Acording to Forbes, “For buyers who intend to rent out their homes, the populations in these cities are growing at a healthy clip: from 2009 to 2012, at 4.9% in Fort Worth and 6.1% in Dallas. At that rate, Dallas is tied for the fastest-growing city on the Best Buy Cities list.”

John Ferguson of real deal real estate invesotrs has expanded local apprenticeships. John is a sought after Speaker and Author on the subjects of Real Estate Investing and Sale Systems Design for High end Mentoring and Coaching. John has created campaigns for the Star Light foundation, working with improving the lives of children in his community. His expertise and dedication to ethical real estate investing has placed him in high demand as a personal mentor and coach. Having the opportunity to have taught and been a mentor to thousand sense 2002, the network and systems are second to non.

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At the next Real Deal Real Estate Tour John will be speaking to local dallas fort worth rea estate students on how to evaluate repairs and determine an offer price on a real deal. John says “there is a difference between technique and theroy toaught in a classroom and the practicle application one needs in the field”. The creation of the Real Deal Tours allows individuals the opportunity to get hands on with their learning and actually participate in the action of investing in order to gain experience and confidence.

“Our nationally known apprenticeship program has been creating successful investors for the last 15 years.  We are all FULL TIME INVESTORS ourselves and that makes the diference when it comes to results. We do what the GURU only talks about!” says John