" Let's Make A HUGE Dent In The Universe, While Changing A Whole Bunch Of Lives For The Better Along The Way!"

I Had NO experience in Investment Real Estate and NOW I Mentor TEAMS of Highly successful Real Estate Investors around the Country...

Actually I NEVER set out to be a Successful Real Estate investor... I just wanted to be in control of my future! After some Research I found that Real Estate was the Perfect Business...

Personally, I started in Real Estate Investing back in 2000 while I worked my Corporate Job at Hollywood Video...remember that Dinosaur? The 8am to 9pm 6 days a week wasn't much of a LIFESTYLE! So, I got trained, found a Mentor and made the switch...

Now with well over 15 years behind me, thousands of successful proteges in the business and multiple pleas from Friends and Family, I have decided to expand once again while Mentoring others along the way! It's Simple, I have a motto I learned years ago from my Mother "Play Life To Win, While Helping Others To Do The Same".

There is no substitute for working along side a Mentor! A Highly Motivated Protege matching each the Drive and Focus Succeed!

I'd rather be called a Mentor, Coach and Friend than a "Guru". I was Trained, I was Mentored  and coached, so I TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! 

There is no better way to become successful than working together in a tailored environment for a Win Win Result! This is why I will develop you in the same training systems I used to build my results! More about that later...

Every New and Seasoned Investor needs a Training System... In order to work with the BEST you have to INTERVIEW like the rest!

Real Deal Real Estate Investors training course, 30 Day Action Plan, Live Strategy Sessions, New Member Hand Book and Beginners Series books get you off onto the right track as a part of our nationwide growing TEAM!

It's Simple...You Can No Longer Afford To Ignore Your Dreams or Financial Future...

No More Excuses!

There never has been a better time to MAKE EXCUSES TO ACT and invest in Real Estate, Work From Home and Achieve Your Dreams with so much in your favor...

  • Reason No.1 You're not alone!

    Our teams of investors stretch across this great country. From State to State and Multiple Cities wide we have a supportive community of active investors you can trust.

  • Reason No.2 Live and Hands On!

    When it comes to anything new, there is one way to succeed with ease. That’s to get out there and do it! Well We found an even better way… Learn it! See it! Do it! Fundamentals leanred and then applied in the field for High levels of achievement. Get out there and do it Together!

  • Reason No.3 We're already doing it!

    Yup, we began in 2000 and have been going strong for years. It’s been said that success leaves clues, so pick them up working with us.

  • Reason No.4 time tested proven systems for success

    There is something to be said for a refined proven system, especially in a business like real estate. Risk is real in real estate. With proven systems you greatly minimize risk while at the same time increase profitability.

  • Reason No.5 team work will always make the dream work

    Real Estate Investing is a Team Sport. No longer is it safe to “go it alone”. Actually it never had been. Working directly with you on your deals. Hands on with our resources shrinks that learning curve so much so that you can not ignore TEAM!

It's Simple "Play Life To Win, While Helping Others To Do The Same!"

We get REAL when it comes to life and business. You only have One! There is only so much you can learn from a book or sitting in some weekend seminar... besides I never could sit still for very long!

This is why we created Real Deal Tour and Real Deal Real Estate Tour! The opportunity for our community members to Walk Live Deals, Get Trained Hands On all the way through Real Deals LIVE!

There truly is a difference when it come to technique and theory taught in a classroom verses practical application done in the field!

  • Real- Live Support Daily, Weekly when you need it!

    Real Deal Real Estate Investors has the benefit of getting together on a frequent and consistent basis. You can be in business for yourself but not by yourself! This way you get things done Fast and Safe!

  • Real- Deals Hands on with the Experts

    If you could just see it once….. If you could just partner with an expert One time…. If you could just work with someone you trust! This is why we give you access to our systems, deals and teams of highly successful professionals.

  • Real- Deal Offers Tours

    Market, Property, Buyer. Those 3 things make up the sauce for a great deal. Making the right offer really does make the difference in a successful real estate transaction. There is no secret, just the real deal real estate investor sauce!

  • Real- Fundamentals For Quickened Success

    There really is no substitute for a proven system. Especially when it comes with MASSIVE success tested from YEARS of application.

    Why do people like to work with Mentors?… Because of their proven systems to make money quicker without making costly mistakes.

Our Community Loves Our System Because It
Is So Simple To Succeed...


Here is what just a few of our Real Deal Real Estate Investors have sad about us...

Walk A Deal With Us

We take the time to Walk each individual through the "Safari" of Real Estate Investing. Each Day, Each Week, Each Month we spend that time for expert deal reviews to ensure that our apprenticing team members are building confidence and experience in the field.

Our Apprenticing Investors Say No More Excuses Every Day With Our Support.

Real Deal Real Estate Investors was created in order to spread Freedom with everyone we come in contact with. Working with THE RIGHT PEOPLE improving lifestyles and making money never was more FUN!

It's About The People

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Real Deal Case Studies

  • West House
  • Purchase: $590,000
  • Repairs: $300,000 (after 2 earthquakes
  • Sold: $950,000
  • HIllsdale House
  • Purchase: $63,000
  • Repairs: $25,000
  • Sold: $127,900
  • Valley House
  • Purchase: $124,000
  • Repairs: $45,000
  • Sold: $228,000
  • Valley House
  • Purchase: $124,000
  • Repairs: $45,000
  • Sold: $228,000
  • Valley House
  • Purchase: $124,000
  • Repairs: $45,000
  • Sold: $228,000
  • Valley House
  • Purchase: $124,000
  • Repairs: $45,000
  • Sold: $228,000

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